19 January, 2009

Identity crisis of Hindu political and spiritual leadership (Part 1)

Close to five years have passed since this article was written on 25th June 2004, and during this period we have seen how very detrimental can be a five-year term served by a bunch of rogues (notoriously known as the Tainted ones when they came to power) closely supported by another bunch of thugs controlling the media (supposedly serving the role of the opinion-makers to the nation). And yet, what was written a few years ago hasn’t lost its relevance in today’s context (now that another general election is round the corner). Hence, the article is being reproduced almost as it was written a few years ago.

BJP and its identity crisis - why would Hindus vote ONLY for BJP
Opponents of BJP brand it as Hindu political party, but BJP themselves want to refuse that identity. They want to say we are a secular political party. Now, Hindu voters have a genuine problem. Congress says they are secular. Communists say they are secular. BJP says they are secular. Every other party says they are secular. Hindus see everyone calling themselves a secular political party. No one calling themselves a genuine Hindu political party, committed to protecting Hindu interests, which have been thoroughly abused by all and sundry, since those days when the Father of the Nation showed that way to all his admirers (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 3). So, in effect, everyone denies that they are for Hindus. Hindu finds that no one cares for its interests. So, why would Hindu vote ONLY for BJP?

Honesty to themselves
They all want to identify themselves as secular - and what kind of secular? Nehruvian fake secular are they, all of them in different degrees, none know honesty. How could they, when their pioneer leaders knew not honesty. And that includes the Mahaatma and the Chacha. I am not speaking of honesty in terms of money. I am speaking of honesty to them-selves. And why is that? It is because none of them had the true Hindu culture, or true Hindu education. Thomas Babington Macaulay replaced ancient Hindu education system with English Christian missionary education system. This over-glorified Mahaatma and face-lifted Chacha were products of that Christian missionary education system. The only difference between the two was that they were corrupted in their value-system to different degrees. While the so-called Mahaatma still had some sense left, our Chacha was corrupted beyond repair (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 4). However, most people know little about it because lot of truth has been kept away from public view.

Living in a fools paradise
As long as Hindu masses will allow these fake Hindu leaders to hold their reins they will continue to live in a fool’s paradise. That includes reins over their minds as well, not only the reins of the State. I call them fake Hindu leaders because these leaders claimed themselves to be Hindu. That includes the Mahaatma who all along treated Hindus as his step children (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 3), and worked against Hindu interests by hypnotising Hindu masses with his charisma. That includes the Chacha who all along worked to uproot the Soul of Hinduism from this Hindu land and install Christianity primarily and also Islam, in its place. That also includes Nehruvian Atal Behari Bajpayee, who killed whatever little was left of frail Jan Sangh, and raised BJP out of that to create his own empire. These fake Hindu leaders only bought time to keep working against true Hindu interests. With Atal Behari Bajpayee influence even good Hindu organizations like RSS (Hindu party Raashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) make small attempts to appear secular because that is the fashion of the day. The RSS argument is that by whatever means BJP remains in power, it could only help strengthen Hinduism. Of course, they wouldn’t admit it but if you have the vision to penetrate through their conducts you will be able to see. The problem is that none, even RSS, has today even the fraction of legendary Hindu honesty. Reason is simple; they all are products not of Hindu education system but of Christian English education system. However, their corruption level is of very low degree. Remember I am not speaking of monetary corruption; I am speaking of corruption towards honesty to themselves. RSS thinks that BJP remaining in power will help Hindus but they forget one thing. That is, howsoever, noble your objective may be, you cannot achieve that if you carry with ignoble means to attain that objective. Riding fake Hindu BJP, under stewardship of fake Hindu Nehruvian Atal Behari Bajpayee, is akin to riding the wrong vehicle. RSS top-bosses may argue they do not have a better choice but they are wrong. They have one choice, that is, to be honest to themselves. The moment they become honest to themselves, they would see through the true character of Atal Behari Bajpayee and Lal Krishn Advani. And then, their choice would be to dissociate with such people. But then they too have to survive, and a compromise for survival does not help any struggle for truth.

Finally some sense seem to prevail
Writing is an on-going process. Things change with time. What I have written in earlier paragraphs, or in earlier chapters about BJP may be a matter of past. But even if it is, past should never be forgotten, and therefore, these things should stay on record, which have already been written. Those who say, we will forget the past and make a new beginning with the rogue state of President Musharraf are not only fooling themselves, but also fooling the masses. In this lot was our Atal Behari Bajpayee, and now the Congress led UPA government. Similarly, those who would want to forget Atal Behari Bajpayee’ s role in BJP (I am not speaking of his role in NDA government) will also be fooling themselves, because then they will allow resurgence of yet another Atal Behari Bajpayee.
“Brand Atal out, Jan Sangh in: BJP is back to the basics and talks hard core Hindutv: Abandoning its moderate mask, the BJP has finally returned to the basics with a renewed pledge to intensify the shades of saffron through hard core Hindutv agenda to refurbish the image of the party. In the same spirit the BJP has decided to shed the individual worship in the organization signalling it is going to revert to the old Jan Sangh age and style of running the organization. The Atal brand is out.” The Free Press Journal, 2004 June 23, p 1

But then …
Well, these all are temporary gimmicks. Never trust their upbringing. Loyalty towards Hinduism is one thing that they have never learned.

17 January, 2009

Look at the Turn of Events

First our pro-Muslim government agencies frame Hindus, anti-Hindu media blows it up out of proportion accusing the Hindus and then, comes Pakistani media and government agencies to use that very ammunition against BhaaratVarsh. In this way, our anti-Hindu government and media of BhaaratVarsh together take the country inch by inch towards making of an extended Pakistan.

Here is the situation –

Hemant Karkare (apparently a Hindu name but obviously a character with anti-Hindu mind-set) frames Col. Purohit (an illustrious army man) and Sadhvi Pragya Singh of a crime they did not commit, and anti-Hindu media merrily convicts them before proven guilty (much the same as it happened in Kaanchi ShankarAchaarya's case just a few years ago).

Soon after Hemant Karkare gets killed by 26/11 Pakistani Muslim terrorists and becomes anti-Hindu government and press makes him a hero. With that a prominent Muslim blames some Hindu agencies to have killed Hemant Karkare character which is proven baseless.

And now, we have Pakistan's The Daily Mail reported (see below) that Pakistani Government may ask Bhaaratiya Government to handover Col. Purohit to Pakistan because (a) Bhaaratiya Government (through it's Hero Hemant Karkare, ATS Squad Chief) itself has accused him of killing Muslims and (b) that Hindu terrorists have then killed that character named Hemant Karkare.

But those anti-Hindu fools in Bhaaratiya government do not want to see the Pakistani game plan of systematically accusing BhaaratVarsh of doing what Pakistan has all along been doing. In this manner they turn the table on BhaaratVarsh and that serves well the Christian World's USA which has all along shed crocodile tears whenever BhaaratVarsh had been on the receiving end because their hidden agenda is wipe out Hindus of this country.

Muslims and Christians both have their stakes in this country which had always been predominantly Hindu populated but ruled (and plundered which is gentleman's term for systematic loot) in turns, by Muslims and Christians, over past many centuries, and neither have decisively succeeded in winning it.

The Daily Mail Online edition (http://dailymailnews.com/200812/12/news/dmtopstory01.html)

ISLAMABAD— Government of Pakistan is set to demand handing over of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit of Indian Army, the main accused of 2007 Samjhauta Express inferno in which 69 Pakistani passengers, returning from India to Pakistan were killed, The Daily Mail has learnt on good authority.

Highly reliable sources have revealed to The Daily Mail that Pakistan is going to insist on handing over of Col. Purohit because he was proved guilty of killing 69 Pakistanis in 2007 by India's own investigative agencies. It may mentioned here that India's anti-terrorism specialist and formal RAW's officer Mr. Hemant Karkare, who was investigating Samjhauta Express inferno and Malegaon Blast in his final conclusion report, framed Col. Purohit as the main accused and mastermind in both the cases and arrested Col. Purohat for further investigations. However Mr. Karkare and two other members of his Investigation Team were later killed by Saffron Terrorists, belonging to Sang Parivar's Aatma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), during Mumbai carnage, while after Karkare's assassination Col. Purohit was also released on bail by the court and there are no further investigations on this direction and the matter has been hushed up.

The Daily Mail's investigation reveals further that the Pakistan authorities have taken an exception note of findings of Karkare's investigation and are very anxious to get hold of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit to investigate him further to ascertain in his involvement in the killing of many other Pakistanis in different terror attacks inside Pakistan and also in India, since it has been established through Karkare's report that Col. Purohit is an important member of the network of Hindu Extremists and like minded officer in Indian Army. The authorities believe that handing over of Col. Purohit to Pakistan, who is a proved accused of massacre of 69 Pakistanis, is more important than handing over of certain Pakistani "suspects", doubted to be involved in Mumbai carnage.

It may be mentioned here that the Pakistan has already prepared a list of 35 most wanted terrorists that are to be sought from India, however Col. Purohit's name was earlier not on that list and his name is to be given separately in wake of the Karkare's investigations. However due to Mumbai incident that occurred soon after release of Karakare's report, Islamabad could not initiate the move but now it has become imperative to go ahead with Col. Purohit's handing over demand. It is yet to be decided that when and how this demand is to be made.

12 January, 2009

This may be in Store for You (Part 1)

Maanoj Rakhit (written 2005 Nov 10)

(Extracts from ISBN 81-89746-13-8)

You have been reading about illegal migration from BanglaDesh. First stop thinking of them as BanglaDeshis. Nationality is of no consequence.

If you have read my other publications you would have known why I keep cautioning you not to think in terms of nationalities or continentality like British, German, European, American, etc. These descriptions are very deceptive. They do not allow you to look beyond certain boundaries. Your vision does not penetrate beyond those barriers. You miss to identify the true culprit. The true driving force behind all their conducts remains hidden behind masks created by those images that you carry in your mind when you think of people as British, German, BanglaDeshi, Pakistani, and so on. This is particularly true in today's context.

First thing you must realize that there is no point evaluating human conduct without a proper and adequate understanding of the religion which shapes their thought process. Therefore I invite you to read at least the chapter on Islam in Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism (Seed 4 ISBN 978-81-89990-17-6). It brings you face to face with those core teachings of Qur'an that help build the attitude of a common Muslim towards the Hindus. One thing you must know that Muslims are much more attached to their religion, as compared to we Hindus, and they read Qur'an more regularly than we read Raamaayan or BhagavadGita. We have many books on religion and not all Hindus read the same book but as for Muslims they have only two books: one Qur'an and the other HadIs (which describe in great detail the real-life conducts of Prophet Muhammad). Muslims read those two books again and again, over and again, so much that what is written there becomes their second nature but that nature remains hidden under the mask of polite face so long they are not in sufficient number to reveal their hidden character.

Do not get swayed by those lovely movies that portray one Muslim saving the life of a Hindu. Those instances, wherever true, are exceptions. What you need to realize is that such exceptions well treated by a crafty director can make a good story line and moving theme which will move Hindus but not the Muslims because Qur'an and HadIs that they read regularly tells them the opposite every day. Beware of such deceptive literature and media exposures and please do not take them seriously. Instead, look at their conducts that are documented by limited few, while deliberately kept under the lid by the most.

You keep reading about what is happening in Kashmir these days. I need not repeat all that here. Though you hardly come to know what has truly been happening there. The reason is simple. The English language media which controls and distributes news is anti-Hindu. Why it is anti-Hindu that I have discussed in adequate depth in my other works.

The information, that I shall present you here, is based on certain regional language newspapers from BanglaDesh. Their names are Ekota (meaning unity), Aazker Kaagoz (meaning today's newspaper), Bhorer Kaagoz (meaning early morning newspaper) and Glaani (The Disgrace). Besides these, there are three other publications (1) Communal Persecution and Repression in BanglaDesh (2) Communal Discrimination in BanglaDesh: Facts and Documents (3) Parishad Barta.

The information from these sources have been culled out by Taslima Nasrin and presented in Lajja (meaning shame) with the following statement to their authenticity in its Preface:

"I have also included in the text numerous incidents, actual historical events, facts and statistics. I have verified those to the best of my ability; my sources of information include Ekota, Aazker Kaagoz, Bhorer Kaagoz and Glaani (The Disgrace), "Communal Persecution and Repression in BanglaDesh", "Communal Discrimination in BanglaDesh: Facts and Documents" and "Parishad Barta". Taslima Nasrin March 1994.

Lajja has been published by Penguin Books in BhaaratVarsh. I am ignoring the story, the fiction part of this book. I am also ignoring the views of Taslima Nasrin on the subject. I am reproducing only the documented facts which she has presented as quoted text. Those facts are the premise on which I am building up my theme.

My theme revolves around one single message. That is: These things have happened now because Qur'an and HadIs teach Muslims again and again, over and again, that they must destroy Hindus -- who worship idols and have not converted them into Islam. HadIs contain documentation of real life conducts of Prophet Muhammad which have become Law for the Muslims to follow in all ages. These things had happened in the past for the same reason that I have brought to your attention through my other works duly supported by documented evidences. These things will continue to happen in the future for the same reason as has happened in the past and as has been happening in the present times.

1979 February 8


Village Sabahaw ~ subdistrict Daoudkandhi ~ district Comilla ~ country BanglaDesh.


• at least four hundred Muslims, from neighbouring villages, together attacked a group of Hindu sages who were living there

• they had yelled as they swept down on the sages: The government has declared Islam as the national religion. So, if you wish to stay in a Islamic state you must become Muslims, and if you don't then it will be best for you to leave this country

• the holy men had looked on helplessly as their homes were looted and their temples were destroyed

• many of them were captured and taken away and some hadn't returned to this day

• the women were brutally raped and tortured, and some of the people who were attacked never recovered completely


It was 8 December 1992, that is, 13 years and 10 months later. People who had been captured and taken away had not returned yet. Women brutally raped and tortured had not recovered from the trauma yet. What would have been the intensity of brute torture?

You were not there. Your families were not there. If you had been there what would you have done? Rather, what could you have done?

Do you remember the role of BhaaratVarsh in getting BanglaDesh liberated from Pakistan? I do. Bhaaratiya Jawaans fought and gave their life to get them liberated. Most of these men from BhaaratVarsh were Hindus who shed their blood for liberation of BanglaDesh.

Before liberation Pakistani army Jawaans used to come to BanglaDesh and rape their women. At that time Punjaabi Muslims from West Pakistan raped Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims. For them West Pakistan owned East Pakistan. Therefore, East Pakistani women, whether Hindu or Muslim, were their property.

For liberation Bengali Hindus of East Pakistan shed their blood so that they could be liberated from the tortures of West Pakistani Muslims. They thought that after liberation all will be Bengali. So it will no more be a case Punjaabis raping Bengalis. Once the power comes to the hands of the Bengalis they will be free and safe. Were they?

What failed them? The utopian theory that: 'first they are Bengali' and then 'they are either Hindu, or Muslim'. They did not know that a 'Muslim is first a Muslim', and then 'anything else'.

Anywhere in the world it is the same. They are first Muslim and then they are British or American or Canadian or Bhaaratiya or BanglaDeshi or Pakistani or Saudi or French or German.

Earlier days Muslims were more honest about admitting this openly. Now days they fear harassment from American, British, French, Italians, if they live in those countries. Therefore, they have learned the trick to say openly only what would be acceptable to the people of those countries because yet they are in minority. Remember the word 'yet'. They are working hard at multiplying there as well, so that they can gradually gain control. France has become wary of growing Islamization of France.

It is only in BhaaratVarsh that Muslims do not face the kind of harassment they started facing from the ChristianWorld. Hindus have long been put in a state of coma. ChristianBritish, ChristianizedHindus and Hindu preachers have made their respective contribution towards this. They have done it in their own respective ways. I have discussed those things in detail in two of my earlier works titled as Arise Arjun - Awaken my Hindu Nation and Do your History textbooks tell you these facts? You may want to refer to them about the role played by the ChristianBritish, their ChristianizedHindu stooges and the MarxistCommunist who wore the mask of a Secularist.

Let us return to the events of 8 February 1979. The holy men had looked on helplessly as their homes were looted and their temples were destroyed. What else could they have done? They are the holy men of Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism. Do they truly remember what Sanaatan Dharm practiced?

Let us go back into the history. I am starting here where I left in my earlier work titled These documented results of 4 Varn system can make you proud of your Hindu heritage.

Every man would not become a Sannyaasi (the renunciant). Those few who take to Sannyaas will do so during the last quarter of their life. Before that they would have gone through three more stages of life, in each quarter of their life. This would have made them more of a complete man: A man who has experienced all facets of life, one who has understood the significance of each stage in life through personal experience. Such a person would have taught the society what all it needs.

His vision would not have been limited by real life experience as a Sannyaasi alone. He would not be teaching the masses based on what he heard or read or thought about those aspects of life, which he himself did not live through.

He would have taught them based on what he had personally been through in life. He would never forget that the life itself is a battle ground of its own kind. He would not have run away from such a battle ground. Nor would he have been a meek spectator. He had not renounced life and he would have known the demands of life first hand.

With prince Siddhaarth of KapilVastu all that changed. He took a shortcut to the demands of life. He quit life half way through and became a Sannyaasi. There was novelty in his approach (though not in concept as he him self admitted). It had its unique appeal to many. From this time on, Sannyaas became institutionalized. It no more remained a personal matter of an individual. With the followers of the Jewish shepherd Jesus of Nazareth the process gained further momentum. Institutionalization of Sannyaas became the norm. Today Hindu Sannyaasis are following their footprints by adopting institutionalized Sannyaas.

Sanaatan Dharm had a specific role for the Sannyaasi. His focus was tuned towards one object. He meddled not with the householders. Today the Sannyaasi has become the teacher and guide to the householder. It has become necessary for his living. If he does not gather a brigade of householder followers his institution will collapse.

Exceptions can be found in life almost every where. Exceptions can be found among institutionalized Sannyaasis too. But they are relatively few and far between. They are doing good work towards awakening the masses. They are silent workers because the time has not yet come for them to come out openly. They have to wait for a very dynamic leadership to emerge who can sway the masses.

The fire of Kshatriya spirit has to be kindled among the masses. No society is complete without well defined roles. Braahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shoodrs all have their roles cut out for them. They all complement each other. Together they make a colossal mass, which stands on its own.

To be continued ...

27 August, 2006

Those 12 detainees at Amsterdam - a different perspective

Refer Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition, Saturday 26 August 2006, Front page, positioned at the Top of the page, indicating it as today's headlines
Size 2 cm tall 23.5 cm long (indicative of the emphasis given to the topic)
Header: Holland faces India heat
Sub-header: Envoy expresses regret after being read the riot act over Amsterdam detentions
The news item begins with: "THE TREATMENT meted out to 12 Indians detained and later released after a pilot alert on Northwest Airlines flight in Amsterdam last Wednesday turned into a diplomatic row between India and the Netherlands".

The question that comes to my mind is this:
  • Such significance has been attached to this particular issue by the Central Government and the prominent media
  • Why?
  • Is it because all those 12 people were Muslims?
  • What would have been the attitude of the Central Government and the prominent media if the 12 were Hindus?

To seek an answer to this question, I looked at their recent conduct in the following instance:

  • Not long before, probably it was the last month, when it happened in Malaysia
  • A significant Hindu temple was destroyed by Malaysian authorities
  • The destruction was carried out in full public view when a significanr Devi Puja was in progress inside the temple
  • The devotees present requested the authorities to let the Puja be concluded
  • The least the authorities could have done is to have agreed to that request
  • But they did not
  • They destroyed the temple without letting the Puja be completed
  • What did Central Government of our country do?
  • How much coverage the prominent media in our country gave to this news?
  • You know the answers
  • Both ignored it as if nothing had happened that ever mattered

Remembering this very recent episode a few other questions surfaced my mind:

  • As long as the Central Government and the prominent media are concerned
  • Where their loyalty lies?
  • We hear that our country has some 80% Hindus
  • Does the Central Government care for Hindu sentiments?
  • The answer appears to be a big NO, NOT AT ALL
  • I also hear that our country has some 14-15% Muslims
  • Does the Central Government care for the Muslim sentiments?
  • The answer appears to be a big YES, YES, YES
  • And, what about the prominent media?
  • Who buys their newspapers?
  • Isn't it 80% Hindus?
  • Where does their pay packet come from?
  • Isn't it from the revenue that newspapers generate from their Hindu customers?
  • Then why do they purposefully ignore Hindu interests?
  • And why are they always in the forefront trying to protect Muslim sentiments?
  • At least one good example of that can be found almost every day in our newspapers
  • Should it mean that a bigger pay packet, the hidden one, reaches their pocket coming from rich Muslim countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc?
  • Is this the reason their loyalty lies with the Muslims, not with the Hindus?

27 July, 2006

When those people sit on judgment who have superficial understanding of the subject

Many of us have heard that T B Macaulay imposed on us christian missionary english education system six generations ago.

  • Generation after generation we Hindus were systematically removed from our roots, trained to look down upon whatever was ours.
  • We Hindus were made to judge ourselves, putting on dark glasses on our eyes, that they provided us.
  • Muslims, in general, refused to get educated by the christian missionaries, and thus, they managed to remain in touch with their roots.

Today television has wide reach among the masses

  • It is capable of reshaping the thought process of the viewers
  • It can drastically change the value system of a society, even of a nation
  • Script writers of popular TV serials can spread their ignorance to the masses very effectively

Here is a simple example (if you look for them there will be hundreds and hundreds)

  • Tuesday 25 July 2006 Star Plus channel 9-9:30 pm serial Viraasat
  • A powerful drama, well written, acted and directed
  • Recently started, not yet diluted, still holding good impact on audience
  • Raahul, the good guy, the hero, tells Rrishabh, the bad guy, the villain

Raahul tells Rrishabh

  • I and Priyanka had love marriage so it is based on trust (so much so for over-glorification of love marriage, majority of which do not stand the test of time, and soon land in plenty of troubles leading to separations and divorces)
  • whereas,
  • Raam Chandr had Swayamavar (where the bride selects the groom, out of many aspiring to marry her) so Sita had to go for Agni-Pariksha (so much to show Hindu system in bad light just by hearing the tail-end of the story)
  • in this case,
    Producer, unfortunately a celebrity BR Chopra, who did not apply his mind, or may be he simply handed over the reins to Rajiv (Chopra) and the script writer, both being products of such education system, which ensures that Hindus are kept at a great distance from understanding the finer details of the issues involved and the logic that support them

Speaking of that education, very aptly stated by a so-called 'Father' of a christianized school "may be that we won't be able to convert your children to christianity but by the time we are through with them, they won't remain Hindu either".

So, are these products of an alien culture inherently hostile to ours, always seeking to destroy our culture but their friendly mask never lets Hindus see it.

Anyhow, neither the writer not the producer (or, director in this case) thought it necessary to get himself better educated on the topic. The least they could have done was to view Late Shri Ramananda Sagar's immortal creation Raamaayan (beware of the later day creations by his christianized_hindu children, to name a few, Sai Baba, Prithiraaj Chauhan, where they give ample testimony of their own ignorance of our history, culture and value system, though they have many good points as well, which makes the script a hotchpotch, which sells the wrong packaged well with the right).

So, when these so-called artists work on the psyche of the masses through their creations they pass on their own massive ignorance to the audience, and thus keeping adding substantially to the already-enough corruption in understanding of our culture and value-system.

A society must be careful not to allow people with superficial understanding of deeper issues to sit on judgement, based on their borrowed knowledge from those, whose basic objective (carefully hidden) is to destroy our culture and, for that, the simple rule they follow is to keep us separated (from our very childhood under the pretext of educating us) from understanding whatever is ours.

11 July, 2006

Islam's Motto: "We draw Blood for Blood but thousand times more" w.r.t. Serial Bomb Blasts 2006-07-11

Snowball effect of Bhiwandi police firing
Prior reading: Entry 1 and 2 of same date
We were going to Dentist's Clinic. As we approached nearer we found the road blocked ahead, police not allowing any traffic towards station.
As long we sat in the Clinic and waited for our turn, NDTV kept repeating the same news and the same video clipping for almost half an hour. Churchgate - Borivali bound train had a bomb last between Khar and Andheri. People jumped out of train from 2nd class compartments which were far from the 1st class compartment in which fire was sighted. There were no deaths reported. There three blasts.
As we went inside Dentist's chamber we learned that landlines and mobile phones had been jammed to avoid spread of message.
As we went to collect prescribed medicines from the Chemist and some new cells for the phone from another shop, we learned the total count of blasts had reached to eight, and many people died in Borivali as well as other places named. I told them that TV reported no deaths about half an hour ago, to that reply was 14 dead bodies already taken out from one location (I forget the location, it was somewhere in the city). News nevertheless kept reaching thro people returning home. An hour later TV reported six blasts at different locations in the city. That showed well-planned execution. The Chemist told me ShriNagar had bomb blast earlier in the day and now its Mumbai's turn as the day comes to a close.
And, today morning newspaper had carried the news that Abu Azmi, the instigator of Bhiwandi, was given extra protection by government, security enhanced to save the guy. And now TV says Bhayandar, Borivali, Andheri, Joshwari, Bandra, Mahim, Matunga all had bomb blasts. It all happened during the peak hours when people return home by train after the day's work. It has been a working day and trains were full to the hilt.

One thing was clear in my mind, it wasn't a Sena job. Shiv Sena can down the shutters of shops, can gather crowd, can make noise, and if they get too angry they can at the most hold up a bus here or there, empty it of people, and then set fire on it but they are not capable of systematic killing, mass murder and genocide, only Muslim organizations specialize in that. They have done it for centuries, they are doing it today. Their ideology is very simple: Blood for Blood and much more than That. One Muslim dies, thousand Hindus must die. With that train compartments must burn and plenty other property must be destroyed. This is all for the life of two Muslims lost life in police firing. And look at the speedy response. They were all ready, organized, waiting for an excuse.

Let's examine how English media values lives of Police men and their grieving Families

2 slain-mutilated police men by Muslims after 2 Muslim men died in police firing because Muslims did not want Police to build police station on the land that belonged to the Government

Ref: Hindustan Times, Mumbai, 7 July 2006, front page, top
The entire breadth (from left to right) of the newspaper front page top covered one photograph - burka clad Muslim women looking at the bodies of two Muslim men who died in police firing. On HT Metro page (page 3) at the top there is a 8"x5" photograph covered thousands of Muslim men surrounding the coffins of 2 Muslim men who died in police firing. Two-third of the whole page was covered with the story.

Somewhere in small print I had read that two policemen were killed by the Muslim mob and their bodies were mutilated. However, slain police men's photographs did not find place in the newspaper. Perhaps the newspaper space was too valuable to be used for policemen slain by Muslims. More significantly, the wives and children of those slain policemen also did not find any place in the Hindustan (or, Muslimstan) Times.

Few questions came to my mind:
  • There was ample place for so many burka-clad Muslim women some of whom may not have been related to the two Muslim men killed in police firing but being Muslim they found place at the top front page
  • There was no space whatsoever for those for the wife and children of two slain policemen whose bodies were also mutilated
  • So, in the eyes of self-proclaimed secular journalists, there was no value for the lives of policemen and the grief of their family members
  • This happens to be the character of our English media newspapers

Let us analyse how Biased English media reporting is

Desecration of MaSaheb Minatai's Statue at Shivaji Park Mumbai and other issues

Read, for example, Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition of 11 July 2006 and 10 July 2006 for comparison in the way they present news material to manipulate public impressions; and, as the time goes I shall demonstrate by different examples that this is not an one-time event, but it happens to be a consistent practice with self-proclaimed Secularist media.

On page 7 (11 July) at the bottom of the page, there is news item. The header read as "Teacher convicted for student's rape". Many readers do not bother to read the details. They form an impression in their mind by looking at the header and proceed with other items. The reason: time is a scarce commodity for people in rat race of metros like Mumbai.

However, if you happen to read the details, you learn the following:
  • The rapist used to teach the girl at the premises of a Mosque at Dharavi
  • His name was Zulfikar Shaikh (age 25) (he was a Muslim)
  • The girl was a minor (studying in the third standard)

Points to note:

  • The news item header did not draw the attention of the readers that the rapist was a Muslim and that the rapist was a teacher in a Mosque (nor there was any photo with the news item showing a Muslim or a Mosque)

In comparison to that:

  • The same newspaper HT, the earlier day 10-7-2006 on page 8, carried an item with more space, the header of which read as "Nayak to Khalnayak: Heros all the way"
  • The item was supported with a photo by some "Durga (a respected Hindu name)"
  • Photo showed a suited-booted well-trimmed guy with a rifle in his hand
  • Most conspicuous was his head with a big vertical red "Tilak" on his forehead
  • The details covered several names like Shah Rukh, Saif, Aamir, Sanjay Dutt, DJ Aqueel and Gautam Singhania
  • All these names except one appear to be Muslim names, but the photo which draws instant attention is with conspicuous Hindu "Tilak" on forehead, whereas to look for the names you have to search from the small prints

Think about it:

  • What kind of image the English media is trying to project?
  • What kind of images it is trying to build?
  • What kind of impressions it is trying to leave in readers minds?

Now look at the same newspaper HT of the same day 11-7-2006:

Minatai's Statue at Shivaji Park was desecrated. Mud has been put on her face. Minatai was like mother to all Shiv Sainiks. They went on rampage. Got the shutters down for shops. Crowds gathered. Noise and bit of confusion. Some odd places they put torch to empty buses, not many. TV channels called it shameful. Hindustan Times was very vocal.

  • Front page has header in bold "Proof may embarrass Sena, says Deputy CM"
  • Followed-up by full page coverage on page 5
  • With large photographs
  • With carefully crafted highlights
  • Creating an impression in the readers minds that it was Shiv Sena itself which arranged to put mud on Meenatai's statue

And what was the line of reasoning based on which such impression was built:

  • Was there any definitive proof?
  • No, not yet
  • All that seemed to be available were few assumptions
  • That: why Shiv Sena failed to protect the statue it built from being desecrated?
  • That: Sena is yet trying to prove that it has some strength left
  • That: Sena is trying to establish that Rane and Raj's exit hasn't made Sena helpless
  • That: they probably did it to get poilitical mileage

So, what is their modus operandi:

  • Self-proclaimed Secular newspapers have a well defined strategy
  • When it comes to Muslims, play it down carefully
  • When it comes to Hindus, blow it up out of proportion
  • Doesn't matter if you must fuel an unproven hypothesis to attain your goals
  • Who cares what comes as the final proof so long they are able to build an anti-Hindu sentiment by wide publicity of various assumptions?
  • Initial impressions will live long with them
  • By the time proof comes, it will be in some obscure corner of the newspaper, if it is found to favor Sena
  • But if it turns out to be against Sena then it will be blown up again to cement the images in public mind