19 January, 2009

Identity crisis of Hindu political and spiritual leadership (Part 1)

Close to five years have passed since this article was written on 25th June 2004, and during this period we have seen how very detrimental can be a five-year term served by a bunch of rogues (notoriously known as the Tainted ones when they came to power) closely supported by another bunch of thugs controlling the media (supposedly serving the role of the opinion-makers to the nation). And yet, what was written a few years ago hasn’t lost its relevance in today’s context (now that another general election is round the corner). Hence, the article is being reproduced almost as it was written a few years ago.

BJP and its identity crisis - why would Hindus vote ONLY for BJP
Opponents of BJP brand it as Hindu political party, but BJP themselves want to refuse that identity. They want to say we are a secular political party. Now, Hindu voters have a genuine problem. Congress says they are secular. Communists say they are secular. BJP says they are secular. Every other party says they are secular. Hindus see everyone calling themselves a secular political party. No one calling themselves a genuine Hindu political party, committed to protecting Hindu interests, which have been thoroughly abused by all and sundry, since those days when the Father of the Nation showed that way to all his admirers (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 3). So, in effect, everyone denies that they are for Hindus. Hindu finds that no one cares for its interests. So, why would Hindu vote ONLY for BJP?

Honesty to themselves
They all want to identify themselves as secular - and what kind of secular? Nehruvian fake secular are they, all of them in different degrees, none know honesty. How could they, when their pioneer leaders knew not honesty. And that includes the Mahaatma and the Chacha. I am not speaking of honesty in terms of money. I am speaking of honesty to them-selves. And why is that? It is because none of them had the true Hindu culture, or true Hindu education. Thomas Babington Macaulay replaced ancient Hindu education system with English Christian missionary education system. This over-glorified Mahaatma and face-lifted Chacha were products of that Christian missionary education system. The only difference between the two was that they were corrupted in their value-system to different degrees. While the so-called Mahaatma still had some sense left, our Chacha was corrupted beyond repair (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 4). However, most people know little about it because lot of truth has been kept away from public view.

Living in a fools paradise
As long as Hindu masses will allow these fake Hindu leaders to hold their reins they will continue to live in a fool’s paradise. That includes reins over their minds as well, not only the reins of the State. I call them fake Hindu leaders because these leaders claimed themselves to be Hindu. That includes the Mahaatma who all along treated Hindus as his step children (refer Arise Arjun – Awaken my Hindu Nation Part I Chapter 3), and worked against Hindu interests by hypnotising Hindu masses with his charisma. That includes the Chacha who all along worked to uproot the Soul of Hinduism from this Hindu land and install Christianity primarily and also Islam, in its place. That also includes Nehruvian Atal Behari Bajpayee, who killed whatever little was left of frail Jan Sangh, and raised BJP out of that to create his own empire. These fake Hindu leaders only bought time to keep working against true Hindu interests. With Atal Behari Bajpayee influence even good Hindu organizations like RSS (Hindu party Raashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) make small attempts to appear secular because that is the fashion of the day. The RSS argument is that by whatever means BJP remains in power, it could only help strengthen Hinduism. Of course, they wouldn’t admit it but if you have the vision to penetrate through their conducts you will be able to see. The problem is that none, even RSS, has today even the fraction of legendary Hindu honesty. Reason is simple; they all are products not of Hindu education system but of Christian English education system. However, their corruption level is of very low degree. Remember I am not speaking of monetary corruption; I am speaking of corruption towards honesty to themselves. RSS thinks that BJP remaining in power will help Hindus but they forget one thing. That is, howsoever, noble your objective may be, you cannot achieve that if you carry with ignoble means to attain that objective. Riding fake Hindu BJP, under stewardship of fake Hindu Nehruvian Atal Behari Bajpayee, is akin to riding the wrong vehicle. RSS top-bosses may argue they do not have a better choice but they are wrong. They have one choice, that is, to be honest to themselves. The moment they become honest to themselves, they would see through the true character of Atal Behari Bajpayee and Lal Krishn Advani. And then, their choice would be to dissociate with such people. But then they too have to survive, and a compromise for survival does not help any struggle for truth.

Finally some sense seem to prevail
Writing is an on-going process. Things change with time. What I have written in earlier paragraphs, or in earlier chapters about BJP may be a matter of past. But even if it is, past should never be forgotten, and therefore, these things should stay on record, which have already been written. Those who say, we will forget the past and make a new beginning with the rogue state of President Musharraf are not only fooling themselves, but also fooling the masses. In this lot was our Atal Behari Bajpayee, and now the Congress led UPA government. Similarly, those who would want to forget Atal Behari Bajpayee’ s role in BJP (I am not speaking of his role in NDA government) will also be fooling themselves, because then they will allow resurgence of yet another Atal Behari Bajpayee.
“Brand Atal out, Jan Sangh in: BJP is back to the basics and talks hard core Hindutv: Abandoning its moderate mask, the BJP has finally returned to the basics with a renewed pledge to intensify the shades of saffron through hard core Hindutv agenda to refurbish the image of the party. In the same spirit the BJP has decided to shed the individual worship in the organization signalling it is going to revert to the old Jan Sangh age and style of running the organization. The Atal brand is out.” The Free Press Journal, 2004 June 23, p 1

But then …
Well, these all are temporary gimmicks. Never trust their upbringing. Loyalty towards Hinduism is one thing that they have never learned.

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